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Hazard Perception Tests

The hazard perception will test you on your awareness of potential hazards as you are learning to drive.

Each clip will have a number of hazards some of which will become developing hazards that will require the driver to slow down or change direction. It is these developing hazards that you need to respond to and click the mouse in your theory test to signify that you have observed them and their potential danger. You may need to click again if the situation or hazard develops further, whilst being aware of other surrounding hazards.

You will score points ranging from 5 to 0 depending on how soon you respond and click to a developing hazard. Each time you click to acknowledge a developing hazard a red flag will appear to the left of the screen.

The test comprises of 14 clips, 13 of which have only 1 developing hazard and the other clip has 2 developing hazards.

Therefore during the test watch the clips carefully then respond by clicking either of the mouse buttons as soon as you notice a hazard developing.

You will need to continue observing throughout the entire clip and at no time do you need to move the cursor or mouse, only click.

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